Karibu Melti Media

A vibrant integrated Public Relations, branding, marketing, advertising and events management services firm based in Nairobi, Kenya

Who we are

Melti Media is a leading Strategic communications consultancy firm in kenya.

Our team is made up of highly qualified and professional researchers, content creators, strategists, public relations and media partners who draw from their industry experience to offer tangible value to clients. We pride ourselves in providing clients with solutions that fit their needs.

Our business and purpose is to empower brands.

Our Expertise
  • Media Research & Analysis
  • Perception audits
  • Content Creation
  • Strategy development & Implementation
  • Stakeholder Identification, mapping & Engagement
  • Financial & Investor relations
  • Media Relations
  • Government Lobbying

  • Campaign Management

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Integrated Public Affairs

  • Corporate Communications

  • Digital Services

  • Company Positioning

  • Executive Positioning

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Media Training

  • Crisis & Reputation Management

  • Issue Tracking

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Branding

  • Market Entry Support

  • Marketing

  • Event Management

Why us

Our deep understanding of Kenya’s media, corporate and regulatory intricacies means that our clients can always rely on us to deliver complete media and reputation management solutions like no one else can.

Melti Media’s competitive edge is premised on data and analytics, research as well as creativity. Our impeccable writing skills, influential contacts, and professionalism are just a small sample of what we offer to help you succeed in your future operations.